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Plummer, H. C. 1875-

An introductory treatise on dynamical astronomy / by H. C. Plummer - New York : Dover Publications, [1960] - xix, 343 p. : il. ; 22 cm.

"An unabridged and unaltered republication of the work originally published in 1918."

The law of gravitation -- Introductory prepositions -- Motion under a central attraction -- Expansions in elliptic motion -- Relations between two or more positions in an orbit and the time -- The orbit in space -- Conditions for the determination of an elliptic orbit -- Determination of an orbit. Method of Gauss -- Determination of parabolic and circular orbits -- Orbits of double stars -- Orbits of spectroscopic binaries -- Dynamical principles -- Variation of elements -- The disturbing function -- Absolute perturbations -- Secular perturbations -- Secular inequalities. Method of Gauss -- Special perturbations -- The restricted problem of three bodies -- Lunar theory I -- Lunar theory II -- Precession, nutation and time -- Libration of the moon -- Formulae of numerical calculation

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